Can you drive with a different foreign drivers license?

Yes you can drive with a foreign drivers license we would need a another form of ID such as a passport.

Do you need a International drivers license?

Always better to have a international license in case you do get pulled over by a police officer it easier for them to process the fine. If the officer can not read your license it would be very hard for them to process your traffic situation so you would have to go to traffic court the following day to get every thing handle.

Can you just drive with international drivers license?

No you can not drive just with a international drivers license you would have to have your countries license to be able to rent a car from us.

Driver has had license for only one year but is of age of 25, can they still rent a car?

Yes as long as the customer is 25 years or older and holds a valid drivers license we can rent.


What kind of coverage is covered on the insurance?

  • Loss-damage waiver
  • Liability coverage
  • Personal accident insurance
  • Personal effects coverage


Is car navigation in English?


How much Luggage could be transported?

It would depend on the car that you are renting please check reservation page.

Is the car left hand drive?

Yes the car is left hand drive.

Are the cars automatic?

Yes they are automatic.

What kind of options are the car come?

Except for the special class cars are power windows and locks and radio and CD.


Is there any limitation to mileage driven on the rental car?

No there are no limitation to mileage driven.

How does customer make the payment?

We use PayPal for payments. PayPal is a company that services 190 countries it is a very secure way to do payments.

Can you request for a exact car for booking?

No you can not request a certain car for rental car.


How long does it take to rent car?

10 to 20 minutes.

While renting the car can KIC CAR RENTALS store my car?

No we can not hold your car.


Does gas have to be returned full tank?

What the fuel level was when the car was rented out please return it back at the same level please.

Can you extend the time to return your rental car?

Yes you can as long customer lets us know ahead of times and if there are no pre bookings on the rental car for the next reservation.


If a customer has gotten a traffic violation, how should they handle it?

It is best possible to contact us for example accidents or traffic violation speeding ticket. So we can assist in the best way possible to expedite the situation case by case. Hawaii court laws and insurance laws are different especially if customer is leaving Honolulu we can assist best possible way.